Try a cycling holiday through Costa Rica and Panama

Try a cycling holiday through Costa Rica and Panama

Cycling is really nice way to the world from a completely unequaled perspective. This is much quicker than walking and also easier to get your things packed on a long journey. One fabulous journey by cycle is from Costa Rica to Panama.

Panama and Costa Rica, both are located in the Central America. The southern most nation in this area is Panama and it is surrounded by Colombia. Costa Rica is just above Panama. Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose and Panama’s capital Panama City are separated by around three hundred miles.

At first this distance may appear really great, but with stops everyday and more or less thirty miles cycling a day would finish the journey in about ten days. You will not be cycling all the way during the journey as it will include ferry crossings.

San Jose is the most popular way to go to Panama from Costa Rica. From here, you will start to make you way via several well known cities and towns like Bocas del Toro and Cahuita through the east coast. Along the way, there will also come across some beautiful coastlines, local villages and rain forests.

Even though neither Costa Rica nor Panama is dangerous, but it will be better if you stick to these popular ways just to be safe. There is also another advantage if you go via this path as several reasonably priced hotels fall in this route. There are a whole lot of refreshments and food along.