Panama tops the best place to retire

Panama tops the best place to retire

In this year’s edition of American magazine’s annual Global Retirement Index lists Panama on top in its list for best places to spend your retirement. Panama is a real attractive destination for retirees moving from United States, as the US dollar is the official currency and more than that English is understood by all.

This Central American country stands out for its pensioner residence plan. Along with giving offers on medical expenses, entertainment and real estate loans, the program modify the immigration program for them.

Jennifer Stevens, the executive editor of stated that in the last year, Panama has introduced new visas that make it easier to gain residence there. She also stated that the country has made several huge advances in infrastructure.

A total of twenty four countries are placed in the ranking of the magazine that is depending on the analysis from its correspondents across the world. Each place is evaluated in 8 areas with an effect on everyday life that includes healthcare, entertainment, cost of living, climate and real estate.

Ecuador, which also came out as a perfect place for retirees, came in the 2nd spot, is known for its low cost living, incredible scenery and heavenly climate. The trend also discloses its attractiveness for Latin American places. There are twelve Latin American destinations in the list of twenty four.