Panama and Costa Rica study open travel policy

Panama and Costa Rica study open travel policy

Panama and Costa Rica officials are going through a proposal which would eliminate the requirement for a passport while traveling between 2 countries. On Monday, Mario Zamora, the Public Security Minister of Costa Rica traveled to Panama to analyze the feasibleness of the program, and José Raúl Mulino, Panama’s public security minister, told that they also would propose the creation of a common region between the 2 countries. during the meeting.

Laura Chinchilla, the President of Costa Rica said that her administration is totally willing to advance this issue - in the name of friendship.

Chinchilla, weeks ago, revealed the formation of a bunch of experts to study how to hasten border transit for Panamanians as well as Ticos. The president told the elimination of passport necessity would be the 1st stage of plan, with the creation of an identity card for the residents of border regions.

Chinchilla told that in a 2nd stage the governments would promote legislation that would allow them to extend the benefit to all nationals of both countries.

Speaking about Panama, we must also inform that a tourist have visited most parts of Panama in 2012 and he intends to write a book on that. Paul recently told that he intends to write a book describing Panama's culture, history along with his own travel experience with several tips that would help future visitors to visit the country.