Panama and Belize tour rewards students for their hard work

Panama and Belize tour rewards students for their hard work

Last summer, James Engman, who is a professor of biology, took his students on two different adventure tours to study abroad. Last year in June, he took a small group to Belize and later in July, he took another group to Panama.

Students should have some knowledge regarding these areas before they go to a different land to study their ecosystems. Engman told that for both the trips, students were needed to learn a list of hundred and twenty organisms, especially marine, by their common name and scientific name and also be able to recognize them before the tour.

Pre-medical biology major student Catie Morrow told that they had to write two ten-page research papers, one on Panama’s cultural aspect and another one on an organism which is found in Panama. She told that she had to keep in mind the name of 125 organisms. They also had to learn genus species name and that is the reason why she made flashcards for them.

For the Belize tour, students must finish a research paper as well as presentation. For the Panama tour, students are needed to write 2 research papers as well as show one or two presentations.

Engman told that students on the Panama tour must have had at least general zoology; and for the Belize tour, it was more flexible. On both tours, students received college credit. Students spent $ 3200 for the Panama trip whereas they had to pay $ 2800 for the Belize trip.