Morristown company to manage Panama City Metro

Morristown company to manage Panama City Metro

A Morristown corporation would oversee the Panama City's very first metro system’s construction. On Tuesday, Louis Berger signed a US$ 32 million deal to manage Panama City Metro's second line’s production. Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez, the Panamanian President, as well as senior officials of the government were present for the official deal signing.

Louis Berger's VP, in charge of the Caribbean and Latin America, Sofia Berger told that they are honored to play a key role in the second line of the Panama metro system and welcome the opportunity to assist in developing Panama's transportation network.

Louis Berger would work on the metro as part of Consorcio PML2 that includes Louis Berger as well as Spanish consultant partners Metropolitan Transports and Avesa of Barcelona. Consocio PML2 was chosen after getting the highest proposal score depending on economic and technical criteria.

The company's Morristown office’s few members would offer project controls and support to Louis Berger's Panama City office that is responsible for project management coordination, services as well as technical support to the project.

The group would oversee construction of Line 2 of Panama City Metro on a 5 year deal. Construction on 1st phases of Line 1 started in the year 2009 and was finished earlier this year. The brand new twenty-one km line is the 2nd of 4 planned lines for the government to offer sustainable and efficient transport in the Panama City metropolitan region that backs 1.2 million residents.